Save On The Vertex® EVX531 D-Shell Earpiece

Vertex® EVX531 D-Shell Earpiece - D-Shell-Y4
Vertex® EVX531 D-Shell Earpiece – D-Shell-Y4

Looking for an earpiece that works with your Vertex® EVX531 two way radio? Try the Vertex® EVX531 D-Shell EarpieceThis accessory is the perfect compliment to your Vertex® two-way radio communication system. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also stable on the ear. No head or body movement will throw this piece off of the head. The “d-shell” characteristic of this accessory allows the ear to slide through the loop and to secure the piece onto the ear. The audio port lies just above the ear canal and resonates loud, clear, pristine audio.

While the two way radio is attached to the hip via belt clip, the earpiece is wired from the radio to the ear. Connected to that wire is a small speaker for message transmission. You can either run this wire beneath the shirt or you can make it less discrete and allow it to just hang by the waist side. When you decide to send a message, simply reach over and hold down the push-to-talk button and speak. Once the message has been transmitted, release the button and you are hands-free.

Two Way Direct offers this original Vertex® EVX531 D-Shell Earpiece in the form of the D-Shell-Y4. The D-Shell-Y4 is also a D-Shell earpiece and is actually the equivalent to this original Vertex® brand. Both are compatible with Vertex® radio models VX231, VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534 & EVX539. So, if you decide to switch from the EVX531 to another Vertex® radio model, you will not have to purchase new accessories to go with it. This is potentially a huge cost-saver.

The D-Shell-Y4 and the original Vertex® EVX531 D-Shell Earpiece are similar in the fact that they have the exact same features. The only difference between the two is that the D-Shell-Y4 is manufactured in-house and, as a result, is able to be sold at much more competitive pricing than any other retailer on the market.

So, why not purchase this equivalent for a much lower price? Save time and money when you shop at Two Way Direct!