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Vertex® EVX531 Speaker Mic - MH-450S
Vertex® EVX531 Speaker Mic – MH-450S

Need quick and efficient communication? Need an accessory that works with your radio, but that is lightweight and allows you to be hands-free? You have come to the right place! Two Way Direct sells a variety of two way radios and accessories that meet the needs of many different companies and individuals. If you are looking for a radio or an accessory, we will find it for you if we do not have it in stock already.

Included in the many products we sell is the Vertex® EVX531 Speaker Mic. This speaker mic is a great option for an accessory to work with your Vertex® EVX531 two-way radio. This is an extremely lightweight and user friendly product, with high quality and durability. The loud, clear audio, which resonates from this speaker mic has been a popular feature for the customers who have purchased this product.

This accessory clips to the shirt while the 2way radio rests on the hip via belt clip. The wire that runs from this microphone to the radio can either run beneath the shirt or it can hang loosely if the user is not trying to be discrete by any means. When you decide to send a message, simply reach up and hold down the push-to-talk (ptt) button. Now speak. Once your message has been transmitted, release the button and you are now hands-free again!

Two Way Direct holds in their inventory the equivalent to the original Vertex® EVX531 Speaker MicWe call it the MH-450S TWD and it is sold as a replacement for the more expensive Vertex® branded one. The MH-450S TWD equivalent in all facets of the products. They both maintain the same levels of durability, reliability, quality and compatibility. Both are compatible with radio models VX231, VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534 & EVX539. This means that if you decide to switch from the EVX531 two way radio to one of these other models, you will not have to purchase new accessories to work with it.

In these aspects, Two Way Direct offers the best “bang for your buck” on the radios and accessories, which we sell.

Need to order in bulk? Simply call in via the toll-free number on the website ( and talk to a sales representative who is sure to give you an even better deal on your purchase!

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