Lowest Price Guaranteed On The VertexAi?? EVX534 D-Shell Earpiece

VertexAi?? EVX534 D-Shell Earpiece - D-Shell-Y4
VertexAi?? EVX534 D-Shell Earpiece – D-Shell-Y4

Save some money by shopping with us here at www.TwoWayDirect.com. We are an online retailer, which sells 2-way radios and 2 way radio accessories for literally the lowest prices on the market. Looking to price-match? We will do even better and price-beat!Ai??We want to be the company that gives our customers the best deal they can find anywhere and we will do everything we can to make sure that we are able to provide that.

Of the many two way radios and accessories, which we sell, theAi??VertexAi?? EVX534 D-Shell EarpieceAi??is one of the most popular. Because of the rise in popularity of theAi??VertexAi?? two way radio brand, these accessories have received a lot of traffic as a result from this. Not only is this earpiece lightweight, but it is high quality, comfortable and secure. The “d-shell” characteristic allows the ear to slip through the loop and to secure the piece in place. No sudden head or body movements will throw the earpiece off of the ear. Also, the audio port rests just above the ear canal, resonating pristine audio which is loud and clear.

Two Way Direct offers theAi??VertexAi??Ai??EVX534 D-Shell EarpieceAi??in the form of theAi??D-Shell-Y4. TheAi??D-Shell-Y4 is a D-Shell earpiece that is equivalent to the originalAi??VertexAi?? product. It is the replacement for this item and possesses the same levels of compatibility, durability and reliability. Both work withAi??VertexAi??Ai??single-pin radios VX231, VX351, VX354, VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534, EVX539. This means that if you ever decide to switch from the EVX534 to one of these other radio models, you willAi??notAi??need to purchase new accessories to go with it. This is a huge cost-saver.

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