5-Star Rated Vertex® EVX534 Speaker Mic

Vertex® EVX534 Speaker Mic - MH-450S
Vertex® EVX534 Speaker Mic – MH-450S

Shopping around online for a two way radio, you may discover many companies offering the same product for pretty much the same pricing. You will most likely run into “deals” that truly are not deals and an overload of products that you know nothing about. If you do know what you’re looking for, you can still run into these sorts of issues, and that is why Two Way Direct is here.

We are an online two way radio and accessories retailer, which offers the lowest prices guaranteed. We want to be the company that gives our customers the best deals they can find anywhere and we strive to be the preferred vendor for as many individuals and companies as possible.

Included in the variety of our products is the Vertex® EVX534 Speaker MicThis speaker mic is rising in popularity on the market due to the rise in traffic for the Vertex® two way radio line. Not only are these radios less expensive than the Motorola® brand, but they also have the same features and are able to be programmed to your existing radios extremely easily. This speaker mic is a low-cost solution for accessories needs to work with your Vertex® EVX534 two way radio.

This speaker mic is lightweight, compact and works great! Just clip the mic to your shirt while the radio is attached to the hip via belt clip. When you want to send a message, simply reach over and press the push-to-talk button on the mic. Speak while the button is being held down. Once the message has been transmitted, release the button and you are hands-free again!

Two Way Direct offers this original Vertex® EVX534 Speaker Mic in the shape of the MH-450S TWD. The MH-450S TWD is the same exact product with the same functions and levels of compatibility, durability, quality and reliability. Both work with Vertex® radio models VX231, VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534 & EVX539. The only difference between the two products is that the MH-450S TWD is able to be sold at a much lower price for an equivalent product. The reason why this item is able to be sold at such a low price is because Two Way Direct manufactures many of their accessories in-house, including this specific speaker mic.

So, why not try this equivalent product for a much lower price?

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