Try Two Way Directai??i??s VertexAi?? EVX534 Surveillance Earpiece

TryAi??Two Way Directai??i??s VertexAi?? EVX534 Surveillance Earpiece. You won’t regret it!

Two Way Direct offersAi??literallyAi??theAi??lowestAi??pricesAi??guaranteedAi??on all two-way radios and accessories, which we sell. We also manufacture some of our accessories, including theAi??VertexAi??Ai??EVX534 Surveillance Earpiece, which allows us to sell at a much more competitive price-point thanAi??anyAi??of our competitors. Looking to price-match? We will do even better and price-beat!Ai??We want to be the company that gives you the best deal you can find out on the market.

VertexAi?? EVX534 Surveillance Earpiece - VH-130
VertexAi?? EVX534 Surveillance Earpiece – VH-130

This how effective is doxycycline. #Doxycycline reviews. doxycycline acne worse before better. particular earpiece has become a very desirable product for those searching for an accessory solution for theirAi??VertexAi??Ai??EVX534 two-way radio. Not only is it lightweight and discreet, but the audio is extremely high quality as well. The audio port rests within the ear canal, resonating messages from other members of the team. Attached to the wire that leads from the two-way radio to the earpiece is a small speaker. The wire can run either underneath the shirt or overtop of it. The speaker attaches to the shirt. Simply reach over and hold down the push-to-talk button while you transmit your message. Once you have completed speaking, release the push-to-talk button and you are hands-free again! The clear coil acoustic tube hides behind the ear, while the earbud rests in the ear, barely even noticeable.

Two Way Direct offers theAi??VertexAi??Ai??EVX534 Surveillance EarpieceAi??in the shape of theAi??VH-130 TWD. TheAi??VH-130 TWD is essentially the same exact product as the original brand, with the same compatibility, durability, and reliability. Both work withAi??VertexAi?? radio modelsAi??VX231, VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534 & EVX539. This means that if you ever decided to switch from the EVX534 radio to one of these other models, you wouldAi??notAi??have to purchase new accessories to go with it. This saves a ton of money and is a huge selling point for this accessory. We actually cut this cost even more with ourAi??VH-130 TWD in the fact that, as mentioned previously, we manufacture these accessories in-house and are able to sell at a very flexible cost.

So, whyAi??notAi??try the same product for a better price? Stop by and Shop with us at Two Way Direct!


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