Vertex VH-130 2-Wire Surveillance Earpieces


Vertex VH-130 2-wire surveillance earpieces

Two-way radios are great devices to communicate with, but sometimes discretion is needed when youai??i??re using them around others. Hotels, restaurants, department stores, and security guards are great examples of places or people who may want to carry out private conversations. 2-wire surveillance kits are the answer.

Vertex radios are great radios and are a popular radio of choice, which is why the Vertex VH-130 2-wire surveillance earpiece is a perfect accessory to add to your radio collection.Ai?? It has a push-to-talk mic with a sturdy button and an alligator clip on the back of the mic so you can clip it onto your clothes. The quick disconnect acoustic tube is a great feature as it is easily replaceable and also makes it very convenient for each employee to have their own. At the end of the clear coil there is a memory foam ear tip that can be easily molded to fit in your ear comfortably.Ai?? Also a great feature is the alligator clip at the base of the clear coil that you can attach to your shirt for a fit that is closer to your body.Ai?? It connects to your radio with a single pin and 2 screws that go into the side of the radio for a secure connection.

If you are looking for a more heavy-duty option, the VH-130-HD is a surveillance earpiece made from Kevlar-reinforced cabling, which is the same material as the bulletproof vest. It has all of the same features as the standard earpiece but it will be able to withstand a little more wear and tear.

Both of these 2-wire surveillance earpieces are compatible with the Vertex VX-260 series, VX-450 series, and the EVX-530 series radios.

Here are some video links on both earpieces and instructions on how to connect them to your radio.



Connection Instructions

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