Why You Need a Motorola CP200 Earpiece

OurAi??Motorola CP200 earpiece is ideal for security operations where you need to maintain secrecy and cover. That’s because our earpieces will fit snugly in your ear without being obvious. You’ll be able to stay in contact with the rest of your team without bringing a noisy and obvious radio to your mouth to communicate. We have listen-only devices that can used with should mics, or push-to-talk models that allow you to communicate with your team.

Need something that’s super covert? Try the Motorola CP200 3-wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece (Stealth). This wire is so covert you can use it while wearing short sleeves. The lapel pin can be hidden inside a collar, and the mic is ultra sensitive so you can be sure it will pick up on every second of the conversation. Our sale price is only $55.60, a savings of more than $14 off of the regular price.

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