Best 2 Way Radios On The Market!!

Affordable 2 Way Radios from Two Way Direct
Affordable 2 Way Radios from Two Way Direct

The VertexA� VX231 UHF 2 way radios are the most affordable full powered professional handhelds on the market. With 5 full watts of power and backed with a 3 year factory warranty, this two way radio is built to last. These portable radios are not only fun and handy, but they can also play an important role in your business two way radio communications. These two way radios have extensive features, ergonomic shape for comfortable use plus a durable, lightweight (10.2 ounces), compact design, you get just what it takes to enhance communication while increasing efficiency and productivity. This is the ideal two way radio for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manufacturing industries and many other demanding, professional applications, theA�VertexA� VX-231A�brings you a robust two-way radio solution.

The VX231 is included in the category of VertexA� VX-230 series 2 way radios.A�This durable VertexA� VX-230 series of business radios is the essential radio for general communications. Easy to carry, the versatile VX-231 UHF and VX-231 VHF handheld radios feature battery power options for every budget and an exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System.

You may be using a MotorolaA� CP200 or a BPR40 right now. If so, now is the time to switch. The VertexA� VX231 two way radio has the latest and greatest features and actually out-perform these other radios that have been around a while.

Upgrade your two-way radio to theA�VertexA�A�VX-231 and receive a better product for a much lower price when you shop at!

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