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Find construction two way radios for the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED at Two Way Direct
Find construction two way radios for the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED at Two Way Direct

Construction Radios are the safe and more affective approach for connection on the job. We understand that your team has different needs for different worksites, and that is why we recommend this safe and affective way to connect with others anywhere. These devices allow workers to create rapid communication to enhance the safety around the workspace.

TheAi??Vertex VX-231 radiosAi??are what workers find to be reliable on the job.Ai??FNB- V131-UNI Li Lithium-Ion batteryAi??powered, these radios exhibit a stance of excellent coverage, which leads to higher productivity with your team.Ai?? This dynamic device has 5 full watts of power for maximum coverage, and is proven to be vastly dependable as well.The VX-230 series includes an ai???emergencyai??? feature, which may be useful for construction workers working in hazardous environments. This feature can be programmed to one of your option buttons, or set to a certain frequency on your channels knob. The VX-231 is durable, backed by a three-year warranty, and is great for on the job reliance.

For larger sites, we recommend radio repeaters to help you gain that extensive connection. TheAi??EVX-R70 repeateris compatible with the VX-231, and is a reliable source that allows you to communicate from even further distances.

Radio coverage is critical when it comes to construction, which is why for even greater connection we offer theAi??VX-231 headsetsAi??or theAi??VX-231 speaker microphones.Ai??These accessories will assist you in keeping your units running effectively and available at all times.

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