Extending Two-Way Radio Coverage With Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE Interoperability

Extending two-way radio coverage with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE interoperability has never been easier and can dramatically enhance your handheld radio coverage.

Today, Land Mobile Radios provides First Responders with a highly reliable method for primary voice based communications. Helping to keep First Responders connected, these radios can either connect levitra 10 mg. #Buy Levitra canada. levitra 20mg price. a single network or they can be linked together at the regional or even state levels.

Also helping First Responders are Long-Term Evolution cellular networks. LTE provides secondary voice connectivity as well as high speed connectivity to mobile data terminals, smartphones and tablets. This gives computer-aided dispatch and location services faster more efficient response times.

LTE also allows for connectivity across the entire nationwide LTE network. Designed to be resilient, LTE is made up of many different overlapping cells. So if a single tower fails or can’t be reached, another cell can pick up the slack and send the signal anywhere it needs to go.

Now with FirstNet, you can benefitA�from reliable high speed data in backupA�voice services in combination with your existing LMR network. By leveraging LMR and LTE, you can have the best of both worlds and integrate the two together through LMR to LTE push-to-talk solutionsA�extending two-way radio coverage with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE Interoperability.

FirstNet; providing First Responders with a reliable doxycycline dosage. #Doxycycline reviews. doxycycline hyclate. network built for Public Safety.

An advantage of the EPTT solution is the ability to connect the LMR system to the FirstNet EPTT solution. Watch the story of the role(s) EPTT can play in public safety to enhance, expand and improve their LMR capabilities. The problem: Many agencies have localized Land Mobile Radio, or LMR, solutions today that are effective in their communities but do not offer wide area connectivity to the agency. When they are out of their native footprint, they have no communication with their users. The solution: For those agencies, the Enhanced Push to Talk, or EPTT, the solution provided by FirstNet allows for wide area connectivity so users to always have a way to call back to their agency in times of crisis.


LMR – land mobile radio

EPTT – enhanced push to talk

LTE – long term evolution