How to reduce security risks in your business

Ai??0,,16613179_303,00Keeping your business as secure as possible takes a lot of work. In order to reduce security risks in your business you will want to make sure ever corner is looked around so you donai??i??t miss anything.

People go to the lengths to make passwords for everything, monitor computers, creating strategies and polities in order to make their business secure.

But what most people do not look into is the easiest thing that could bring almost all security procedures down to a crumble. Cell phones. Cell phones can be hacked into, lost, stolen; someone can look at a cell phone when you are out and place it perfectly so you think nothing is different but they have knowledge of every single text/call that was made.

Cell phones record everything which makes them a weak spot in your security system. If someone finds the cell phone or even just picks it up and there is information in it they will know everything. And it becomes a access point for IT networks.

A way to avoid this is to use two way radios to communicate through your buildings. Industries like schools, malls, construction and so many more want to make their business as safe and secure as possible. Ai??With two way radios, nothing gets recorded, nothing gets hacked into.


Look into two way radios today to make your business as secure as possible.

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