Hurricane Patricia – A Close Call

hurricane patricia

As you may know, Hurricane Patricia recently posed as a force to be reckoned in the Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo regions of Mexico. With predictions of up to 20 inches of rain, and an issued state of emergency, locals as well as vacationers began to make their way inland, towards Guadalajara.Ai??This record breaking, class 5 hurricane, however, ultimately swept in as quickly as we could blink and fortunately caused much less destruction than anticipated. The mountainous coast seemed to be able to break up the winds, thus, Ai??breaking up this potentially disastrous storm altogether.

What first appeared to be common, tropical weather drastically changed when it turned toward the coast, picking up speed and building traction. Many did not even know of this until the day of, forcing them to seek shelter and high grounds. Because of such advanced communications,Ai??Ai??however, this event resulted in 0 fatalities; pretty amazing!

Resorts in Puerto Vallarta were practically untouched, Manzanillo was missed and faith was restored. The potential ,which Patricia possessed, was insurmountable. How lucky the people of Mexico are to have barely escapedAi??literallyAi??the largest hurricane in history.