Product Watch – The Newest Two Way Radios On The Market

Product Watch - The Newest Two Way Radios

The two way radio industry is constantly changing with regards to its inventory as well its technological capabilities. With the advancement in technology, this old industry is forced to keep up with and adapt to the changing times.

It is hard to know which two way radios are the best option when you talk to several different companies who are pushing several different products to you. Before reaching out to a dealer, make sure that you know which radios are new to the market, and what their individual functions are.

Two Way DirectAi??is a leading authorized dealer, which has all of the info regarding new products and product discontinuations. Here is their list of products to watch out for:

1.)Vertex Standard VX261 & VX264 -Ai??These two models are the replacement for the VX231Ai??model, which is being phased out currently. These are 5 watt radios with 3 year factory warranties, and great options for several different industries, including hospitality, education, industrial and more! The only difference between the two is that the VX264 is a display radio while the VX261 is a no-display option meaning that the cost is a bit less.

2.)Icom F1000 Series -Ai??These two way radios just hit the market. They are VHF 4-watt options for industries including education, construction and more! Waterproof features and rugged housing make this perfect for those utilizing line-of-site communications. There are three different versions, which offer a no display, a limited display and keypad, as well as a full display and keypad. Prices range among these individual radios, but they are ranged within a very desirable price-point.

3.)Icom F2000 SeriesThese are essentially the UHF version of the F1000 series mentioned above. The F2000 two way radios are 4-watt waterproof options for pretty much any industry. They are compact, rugged and extremely cost-effective. Like the F1000, there are three versions of this series: no display; limited display and keypad; full display and keypad. Again, prices vary among these radios, but even the most expensive option won’t break the bank.

4.)Radio Dispatch RD200U & RD6550U -Ai??These radios have begun to replace many of the “phased-out” and discontinued Motorola and Vertex Standard radios on the market today. With 5 watts and a 3 year factory warranty, these have incredible coverage and are compatible with most radio accessories that you might have had with your previous batch of handhelds. This saves a lot of money as you Ai??and your team can re-use your accessories with these new products. Because the company manufactures the RD200U and the RD6550U in-house, it makes it easy to provide the most competitive pricing.

These are just a few of the products that have recently entered the two way radio market, but we chose to feature them because they are not only the best quality-wise, but they are also offered at a very reasonable price-point.

Have anymore questions? Feel free to contact Two Way Direct,Ai??toll-free, atAi??888-742-5893Ai??and talk to a representative who can answer any questions you may have!