System Design of the Motorola CP200 Radio

When it comes to two way radios, a complete system design package meets all of your communication needs. From radio to wireless broadband, our design service includes an analysis of your existing communication system including peak hour optimization, range capacity and in-building coverage. After a comprehensive assessment of your needs, our specialists will design and implement your communication system to coincide with your existing system. Systems include but are not limited to conventional two way radio systems, large or small scale rental systems for special events, trunked systems as well as wireless broadband for high-speed connection and security.

If your organization uses the popular Motorola CP200 series, we carry the entire line of accessories which includes, earpieces, headsets, mics, chargers, cases and antennas. With a simple and an elegant product display, our website is easy to navigate and regularly updated. You will find the latest and most accurate information, product reviews and feedback about our services. We are dedicated to competitive prices, the widest variety of radios and related accessories and, above all, outstanding customer service. For sales, rentals, and service, we are your one-stop provider for all of your communication needs. Our trained professionals are ready to assist you.