The Best Two Way Radio On The Market

Searching for the most affordable and the most efficient two way radio on the market today? Radio Dispatch has introduced the RD200U two way radio.

The RD200U by Radio Dispatch is a 4-watt, 16-channel, UHF (400-470MHz) fully powered radio. The RD200U radio comes complete with a 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery, belt clip, rapid charger, stubby antenna, 2-year warranty and free programming. This compact, rugged radio is the perfect solution for any business looking for maximum coverage at an affordable price.

Just a few applications for this two way radio includes industrial warehouses, retail, security and of course many, many more. Interested in looking further into purchasing this radio? Call in, toll-free, at 888-742-5893 and talk to a sales representative about whether this is the best option for your particular application.

So, why do we call this product, the best two way radio on the market? Well, the  coverage, compatibility, price and efficiency are all factors into why we labeled the RD200U the best. Rather than paying $300 for an equivalent radio, you are spending $199 when you shop at Also, based on customer reviews, we have found that the coverage is much better on this radio than comparable Motorola and Vertex two way radios, which offer less features and are more expensive in general. The RD200U is compatible with Motorola radio models:CP200, CP185, RDU2020 and the BPR40.

Because the BPR40, CP200 & RDU2020 are all DISCONTINUED, the RD200U is the perfect option as a replacement for these radios. If you are not in the market to replace them as of yet, the RD200U will be able to work with them within your two way radio system.

Looking to order in bulk? Simply call in, toll-free, at 888-742-5893 and talk to a sales representative who is sure to provide you with any information and solutions that you may need. You will also receive a discounted pricing for calling in and allowing us to get to know our customers a little better.

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Radio Dispatch RD200U Spec Sheet
Radio Dispatch RD200U Spec Sheet