Switch & Save From the CP200/BPR40 to the Vertex® VX231 Two-Way Radio

Vertex® VX231 Two-Way Radio
Switch & Save From the CP200/BPR40 to the Vertex® VX231 Two-Way Radio

Owners of Motorola® CP200, BPR40 or other two way radio models, let me tell you about a little something that is going to change your perspective on the two way radios, which you own at this moment. As most of us know, a Two-Way Radio is neither inexpensive nor low-quality products. Many are heavy-duty, rugged and can withstand much weathering, making these products that can range from just one radio to an entire communication system with many “extras” added onto it.

Here at Two Way Direct, we are the best option on the market for any two way radio and accessories needs that customers and potential customers may have. We offer literally the lowest prices guaranteed on all of the products, which we sell. Looking to price-match? We’ll do even better and price-beat!  

Need to order in bulk? Just call in via the toll free number found on www.TwoWayDirect.com and talk to a sales representative who is sure to give you even better pricing on your Two-Way Radio purchase.

Oftentimes when customers call in to ask about our inventory with regards to Motorola® radios, we will inform them of the cost of this product and the savings of the Vertex® product. Rather than spending around $279 for the Motorola® radios, you could be spending just around $150 for these Vertex® radios that are actually a better product. The same features with better reception is what you can expect from a Vertex® VX231 2Way Radio. Other Vertex® radio models come waterproof as well, so this opens up your options. Just like other radios, these are available in UHF and VHF and possess accessories, which are compatible with all of the other Vertex® radio models. This means that if you decided to switch from, say, the VX231 to one of the other Vertex® radio models, you would not have to purchase new accessories to go with it because your accessories are already compatible with this new model.

Let us save you some time and a lot of money at www.TwoWayDirect.com!