Two Way Radios Stolen From Police!

Two Way RadiosAi??Stolen From Police!


Just recently, two way radios were stolen from a Midwest police station. Despite the fact that this created a large inconvenience for the police station, this situation could have been avoided with the help of a belt clip. Yes, that’s right, a belt clip. For the full article check out:Ai??

Two Way RadiosAi??Stolen From Police!

Belt clips allow the user to keep the radio right at your hip for convenience and safety. Safety, for the user that is, not the radio (although it is hard for your radio to go missing if it is connected at your hip). Belt clips are lightweight clips that secure to your belt on the back and the radio fits snugly on the front. Many radios feature a man down or lone worker function which is activated when a radio ends up horizontal instead of vertical. This function will keep members of your staff or team safe in potentially hazardous situations. And having the radio in a belt clip attached at your hip, will ensure the user and radio are safe!

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