WARNING: The Vertex Standard VX-231 Is Discontinued

Vertex Standard VX-231 is Discontinued


The Vertex Standard VX-231 is discontinued!

So, before you go and purchase your new Vertex Standard radios, think about what may be your next best option for a compatible purchase.

Two Way DirectAi??has insight into which alternatives are the most equivalent to these phased-out radio models. With regards to the VX231, this 5-watt, 16 channel handheld, there are a few similar options on the market. Recently introduced through Vertex Standard was theAi??VX-261 model. Just like the 230 series, this radio possesses 5-watts, 16 channels as well as a 3-year factory warranty. So, what’s the difference? You may be asking. Visually, the 261 has upgraded features on the housing, and is a bit more rugged than the original VX231. The price point is very similar between the two as well, just a few dollars more expensive for the newer model.

What it means when a product is “discontinued” is that there are no more of which will be manufactured and released for public sale. The reason companies do this is to consistently be introducing better products to the market which also match desired price-points at that time.

Vertex is essentially a spin-off of the Motorola brand. In fact, it is actuallyAi??ownedAi??by Motorola, but advertised as a more affordable solution than the more expensive, higher-end, Motorola radios. These radios are actually better quality and cost less, a great tactic to make money, which I’m sure they’re doing.

The other radio, which might be a good replacement for the VX-231 is the newly released VX-264. If you liked your VX-231 system, but are looking for a little ‘extra’ with regards to features and output, this might just be the right product for you! With 128 channels, 5-watts and a limited keypad with display, you definitely get more than what the original 231 had to offer. The price-point is a bit higher for these added features, but it might be worth it if you have a larger team or if you just want something a bit more high-tech.Ai??

If you still have questions about which radios might be the best alternatives forAi??yourAi??operations, feel free to call intoAi??Two Way Direct,Ai??toll-free, atAi??888-742-5893Ai??and talk to a sales representative who can provide you with any information and solutions you may need!