Waterproof Two Way Radios

Waterproof Two Way Radio

Employees are often reluctant to admit they have accidentally dropped one of your system’s Ai??two way radiosAi??into water. So let it be known upfront, before the situation arises, that time is of the essence when it comes to a wet two way radio. Exposure to water may destroy a radio, so if a radio gets submerged it should be dried ASAP. When you hesitate, corrosion takes over very quickly and can ruin the circuit board. Tell your employees to inspect the battery after they remove it from the wet radio. If the battery is wet, get rid of it. Dry the radio thoroughly with a blow dryer or fan, then get the unit to a service facility as soon as possible and tell them it was submerged. For all of your communications needs from replacements to sales, rentals and service, we are offer the widest variety of radios, replacement units, batteries and related accessories.Ai??ContactAi??our trained professionals for all of your two-way radio needs!

If you are interested in purchasing a waterproof two way radio, The Vertex VX451 would be a Ai??great option for you. This is aAi??Wateproof UHF 450-512MHz 5 Watt Radio complete with aAi??FNB-V133LI-UNIAi??1380mAh Lith-Ion 7.5V Battery,Ai??CLIP-20Ai??Belt Clip,Ai??ATU-16DAi??Antenna,Ai??VAC-UNIBAi??Rapid Charger and a 3-Year Factory Warranty.